Frecuently asked questions

✅ How do I shop on this store? 
We prepared a
video to show you how. It is spoken in spanish but the images are pretty clear. 

What payment methods do we accept?
We accept international payments via
PayPal only. If you don't have an account you can create one very easily. It is one of the safest international payment methods, with a 100% money back guarantee if you do not receive your order.

What are the rubber rings for?
You can use them to regulate the height of the loop when embroidering. 

We have recorded a video to show you how to use them.

✅ How much do overseas shipments cost? 
We ship via
DHL all over the world. In the shopping cart you will see the cost when you select the country and postal code where you want to receive the package. You have to take into account the customs policy of your country, as we do not charge taxes. 

Will I have to incur extra costs to receive the order in my country? 
Some countries have import restrictions and taxes that are not included in the price of our products, which must be paid locally by the customer. We recommend checking this with your local customs service to find out about the existing regulations for online shopping abroad, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Mercado de Haciendo is not responsible in any case for the extra charges generated in the destination countries and, once the order has been delivered, the money will not be refunded.

In which country is Mercado de Haciendo located? 
We are in Argentina, in the province of Buenos Aires, in the town of San Isidro.  

✅ How can I track my order once I receive the shipping confirmation?
DHL international shipping
click here 

Finishing your embroidery projects
You can seal the stitches using liquid sealant as you can see in
this video. You can buy it in our shop by clicking here
Waterproof your embroidery using
our spray. We show you how to do it.

✅ How many punch needle models do we have?
We make five different models for you to embroider with thick wool, worsted weight yarn or fine yarn and fine crochet thread.
We also have two needles for Handira embroidery (long loop) to embroider with thick wool or worsted weight yarn.

You can see all the models by clicking here

✅ How do I use our punch needle?
We´ve recorded a short video showing you the basics.

✅ How do you use the Heat Transfer Pen to transfer your designs to fabric?
We have recorded a video where you can see how to use it and what it is used for.

✅ How do I use the Liquid Chalk Pen?
This pen is used to draw on dark surfaces (fabric-paper-cardboard).
Watch this video where we use it.