If you want to buy our products wholesale you can send us an email to [email protected] or write us via Whatsapp to 0054911-2173-3151.

If you are interested in representing us outside Argentina to resell our products, write us by email or Whatsapp and we will work out together how to proceed.

A wholesale purchase means a significant discount on the prices shown in our shop. To be considered as such, the number of units to buy of the chosen product is fifteen. Buying fifteen units of the same product will be considered as a wholesale purchase. For the needles, the units do not have to be of the same model but you can combine the five that we manufacture to reach fifteen units. The same happens in the case of printed fabrics with embroidery patterns, the twenty units can be a combination of the seven formats we offer in the shop.
For the rest of the products the minimum quantity is fifteen.

International shipments are made through DHL.